Canada Water station provides access to the Jubilee and Overground lines

The service on the Jubilee line is normally excellent,  with trains running every 2 minutes and London Bridge (Northern Line to the City) only 4 minutes away.

It is however a victim of its own success,  with warnings in the station to avoid the rush hour.

  • Trains are aften already full when they arrive
  • Queues quickly form with passengers missing many trains before they eventually get on,  after a wait of up to 30 minutes
  • It is not unusual for the station to be closed for crowd control purposes

The station is already at capacity in the rush hour and there is no spare capacity to  cope with more passengers arising from further local development

What can be done?

Even with proposed improvements to the tube frequency,  this station struggles to cope with numbers in the rush hour,  and will be even worse with further development at Quebec Quarter. Sellar and the Masterplan.

The best answer is to encourage users to go elsewhere – the bridge,  improved buses, cycle hire and improved Clipper services

New Tube Station

There is a lot of support for a new Jubilee station at Durrands Wharf,  where there is already a ventilation shaft