TfL Bus review – Your comments

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We have received the following messages which are published by us in the spirit of a  “free press”.  The opinions expressed are solely those of the authors.

AS 10 March 17

“Horrible idea. It will leave anyone in the peninsula without bus
access to central London.

I travel by bus every day from Salter road to London Bridge.
For me (and for a lot of people I see everyday), it’ll be bad

* More expensive: taking a bus to Canada Water and the the Jubilee
line it would cost per trip £4 instead of £1.50

* Canada Water is already at capacity in the mornings, so I prefer to
avoid it.

* Connecting with another bus, even though not more expensive thanks
to the 2 buses in the hour, will be a big waste of time with much
longer journeys, since for the first bus I know when to leave home
thanks to Countdown, but there’s no way to synchronise with the second

*If TFL is worried because the speed of buses has decreased, well,
talk to the drivers. Salter road is never congested, but I’m sick of
being in 381 buses running at 10mph, when they know they’re going to
lose much more time later when there’s actual congestion.

* A shuttle around the peninsula, starting and terminating at Canada
Water (but running non-stop all the time), will be useful for many
people as well.”

SD 9 March 17:

“I agree with your comments on the suggested changes to the 381 bus
route. I’m very surprised that there’s any thought of cutting the
ability of Rotherhithe residents to get into central London using a
bus. I use the bus every day to get to London Bridge to access the
City or to get to Waterloo to access central London. A great deal many
others do likewise.

The proposed alternative would mean the 381 filling up as it goes
around the peninsula but then everyone having to get off at Southwark
Park to change to another bus. This seems very inefficient and
inconvenient and I think would put many people off using the bus at
all. This would divert even more people to the already overcrowded
Jubilee Line at Canada Water.

Given the level of development around Surrey Quays and Canada Water I
cannot understand why anyone would think it was a good idea to cut the
bus services serving the area.”

JS 6 March 17:

“I completely agree with your comments that the proposal to restructure
route 381 would be insane! Just to add some further thoughts to back
this up:-

People living around the Rotherhithe peninsular are completely
dependent on the 381 route to get into central London for work and
pleasure. By removing this, there would be knock-on impacts to

(1) Canada Water tube services – already overcrowded and at breaking
point – with people looking to use this as an alternative to reach
central London.

(2) Southwark Park bus stop where the proposed 381 would turn back
after servicing the peninsular. This would create chaos with people
from the peninsular all getting off to transfer onto other busses – 47
and 188 – at peak morning rush hour times. And again at peak evening
rush hour, with huge queues of people attempting to board a 381 at the
Rotherhithe Tunnel bus stop after getting off a 47 or 188.

The Rotherhithe to London Bridge and Waterloo leg of the 381 route is
the most useful part of this bus route, so removing this would
inconvenience a huge number of people that rely on it daily. If a
shorter route is required, then I would suggest the Canada
Water-to-Peckham part of the route is looked at, as this may not
impact as many people, or could be more easily replaced by

The Rotherhithe peninsular desperately needs more routes servicing it
now, especially as new developments start to complete – e.g., other
routes (47 / 188) also diverting around Brunel Road, Salter Road &
Redriff Road.”

SJ on 6 March 17:

“I agree that the new proposed route would be a disaster. Multiple
times in the morning and evenings it is impossible to board the c10
because it is over crowded; and that is when the driver is willing to
stop at the stop. I have seen drivers skipping the stop because it was
crowded even though their bus was not fully full. Removing the 381
from the peninsula would make my commute and the one from my fellow
commuters even more troublesome. There has been an increase of new
builds in the area which have been completed. Has this been taken into
consideration? What will happen when these new residents move in the
area and the number of people at the bus stops increases further. This
is a very poor and short sighted decision who has been made by someone
who does not live in the area and who does not have to commute every
day on an already very crowded bus! I really hope for our sake that
the 381 remains as it is.”

CT on 5 March 17:

“the idea of removing the part from Rotherhithe to Waterloo from the
381 Bus Route is a very ill-thought and irresponsible idea. the area
of rotherhithe street already is overcrowded with only the VERY
HORRIBLE C10 serving the area! C10 is one of the worst bus route I
have seen in London and also the mentioned area which is quite a big
stretch from canada water to southwark is only served by 2 bus routes
of C10 and 381! removing 381 from this part will have very negative
impacts on the life of the community! instead of increasing the number
of routes why TFL has came with this ridiculous idea!! do they even do
a proper survey!! they just need to take the bus one day morning or
afternoon at rush hour and see how many people are left on the street
because C10 is full and can’t let them in! not having 381 will makes
things even worse!!”