Road Issues

Executive Summary

Southwark Council please note:

  • URGENT REQUIREMENT to tackle Rotherhithe Roundabout and bus lane obstruction on Jamaica Road
  • Parking on bus routes is causing congestion.  Especially Salter Road, Rotherhithe St, Redriff Road. Existing regulations must be enforced and new regulations considered.
  • Not enough parking provision for new developments.  Southwark Planning must reconsider parking requirements for new developments.

Rotherhithe Roundabout

We consider that this roundabout is not fit for purpose and a reconfiguration is long overdue.  It is astonishing that Southwark Council has not given this more priority.

Problem summary

The width restriction combined with capacity constraints lead to a tailback of stationary/slow moving traffic around the roundabout and potentially for some distance up Jamaica road,  completely  blocking the roundabout to other road users.

We focus on the impact on buses, but this applies equally to all road users.

  1. C10 and 381 buses transiting from B205 Brunel Road  to the A200 Jamaica road are unable to enter to roundabout due to slow/stationary traffic
  2. C10 and 381 buses coming from Jamaica Road are unable to transit to Brunel Road via lane 1 due to queuing tunnel traffic using both lanes 1 and 2 to enter 1 lane chokepoint ino the tunnel
  3. Traffic exiting the tunnel or coming from Lower Road intending to take the Brunel Road exit is baulked by queuing tunnel traffic
  4. Traffic transiting from Jamaica Road to Lower Road is also blocked

The Solution?

If the solution was simple it would have been implemented before now,  but for Southwark Council to do nothing is not acceptable.  We are calling for the Council to act immediately and engage traffic management experts to offer solutions.

Although not experts ourselves,  we would suggest that evaluation of a protected lane for Jamaica Road – Brunel Road traffic together with yellow boxes on the roundabout would be a good starting point

Update:  Some residents have received a letter titled “Changes to the southern approach to Rotherhithe tunnel”, dated 4 August 2017.  Out initial reaction is that it may offer some benefits but falls well short of an adequate solution.  For more details see here

Jamaica Road Eastbound

A typical problem – the MPV attempting to join the traffic from a side road is not in the bus lane,  but blocked this bus for several minutes.  A case for a yellow box junction?

Rotherhithe Street – obstruction of buses by parked cars

The C10 is frequently brought to a halt by parked cars.  It has been suggested to us that as this is a bus route,  parking should be limited to one side of the road along affected stretches.

Local Councillor Dan Whitehead has provided us with his statement: “Considering the importance of cycling and bus provision to the improvement of public transport along the Rotherhithe peninsula, it will be necessary for existing parking arrangements in areas such as Rotherhithe Street to be reviewed. ”

General issues with parking in Rotherhithe

Following Twitter comments by Steve Cornish, a number of points were made by other contributers:

Linda Kemp:  same in Downtown Road. People ignoring yellow lines makes it unsafe

Julia:  this whole road is a problem. So much that buses can’t pass.  Huge problem outside Docklands Settlements too

Linda Kemp: Especially Rotherhithe st where they double park!

Linda Kemp:  Couldn’t agree more. Developer/council not allowing enough parking spaces

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