Thames Clipper

The Thames Clipper provides a very viable alternative to other means of transport but the service to the Rotherhithe Peninsula at Greenland pier is second-rate

Rotherhithe – Missing Services

We have 27 fewer weekday Clipper services compared with most other piers. Thames Clipper can’t give us an adequate explanation why we are disadvantaged. We will continue to pursue this with Thames Clipper and TfL.

image (c) Thames Clippers.

Eastbound Disadvantage

Why is there no Eastbound Service before 10:55? – again,  we are disadvantaged compared with most other piers.  And even when the service starts,  we miss out on alternate sailings.

image (c) Thames Clippers.

We need a new Thames Clipper Pier!

The Rotherhithe Peninsula has a long river frontage but only one pier.  An excellent case can be made for a second calling point in the vicinity of Rotherhithe Village,  which would offer a convenient alternative to the Jubilee Line,  within walking distance of Canada Water tube and close to the bus routes.