Changes to the southern approach to Rotherhithe tunnel

Some residents have received a letter from TfL titled “Changes to the southern approach to Rotherhithe tunnel” dated 4 August 2017.  Reproduced below.

What are the proposed changes?

The very modest changes consist of two main elements:

  1. Conversion of the emergency access lane into a general traffic lane.  This will certainly help traffic flow where it is restricted by the choke point.  It won’t help when the traffic is tailing back from the tunnel.  The downside is that traffic joining the roundabout from B204 Brunel Road will have two (faster moving?) lanes to negotiate to get on the roundabout
  2. Changes to lane markings.  We understand this is exactly what it says – no changes to the physical width of the road or the roundabout

Our response:

These changes are disappointingly modest.  In particular we are not convinced the new lane markings will help.  For example the C10 and 381 buses transiting Eastbound from Jamaica Road to Brunel road are currently baulked by tunnel traffic;  this is unlikely to improve because we expect some tunnel traffic to make illicit use of the left turn lane to queue jump into the tunnel access.

It is dissappointing that considering the urgent need for an effective resolution that this is the best that TfL and Southwark Council can offer.

The Letter

(With acknowledgement to Steve Cornish for providing a copy)