The C10 and 381 services serving the Rotherhithe peninsula run over long routes and suffer delays and bunching.  Frustration mounts when a delayed service fills up and passengers are unable to board.

En-route delays and bunching

This is in the morning rush-hour. Supposedly a 7 – 10 minute service!

Evening rush hour. 3 C10’s bumper to bumper

“Typical Commuter Morning in Redriff Rd” – From Steve Cornish, Mar 17

Disappearing Buses

This is the phenomenon where Rotherhithe-bound buses are turned round at the Rotherhithe roundabout.  Paying passengers are turfed out to wait for the next bus.  Why are we given 2nd class treatment?

Further down the route,  passengers (eg at Rotherhithe Station) find that the bus marked as “due” (which they may have been waiting 10 minutes for) suddenly disappears off the screen and the wait starts again.

Canada Water Bus Station

The C10 route starts here at stop B1. We frequently find the countdown app is completely unreliable:  5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Due…  and then no bus for 5 or more minutes.  But the bus is waiting all this time on the other side of the bus station!  By the time the bus eventually arrives it may be filled and some passengers left behind.

We are told this is because the countdown app can’t account for drivers rest breaks.  We urge TfL to fix this problem urgently.  Many of us would choose a different route or even walk if we knew in advance the real wait was unrealistically long.

The Solution

The existing 381 and C10 routes cannot provide us with a reliable service due to traffic problems over a long route.

Introduce a new circular bus route for the Rotherhithe Peninsula

We propose this would be based on part of the existing C10 route.  It would require a yellow box junction on the Rotherhithe roundabout to allow easy transit from Brunal Road to Lower Road.  This route would be free of the traffic jams which affect the existing routes,  providing a 21st Century public transport solution which will be easily scalable as more homes are built.

Canada Water Bus Station

Surrey Leisure Park (for Surrey Quays station and Shopping Centre)

Proposed Rotherhithe-Canary Wharf bridge

Hilton Doubletree Ferry

Proposed Thames Clipper pier

Rotherhithe Station

Canada Water Bus Station

Introduce the Cycle Hire Scheme to Rotherhithe

No bus?  Jump on a bike.  As recommended by Southwark council,  who have placed plenty of signs in Rotherhithe exhorting us to use the cycle scheme – but there is no cycle scheme here!

See our other site:  http://www.whythegap.london