This is a community website run by volunteers. It is focussed on the transport challenges facing Rotherhithe residents resulting from the rapid redevelopment of the peninsula.

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We believe that development of the transport infrastructure must take priority over further residential development because our transport system is already overloaded and not fit for purpose.  We urge Southwark Council to address the needs of the existing community before approving further development

Canada Water Tube – Overcrowded

This is already overcrowded during the morning rush hour and is sometimes closed for crowd control.  It can take 30 minutes+ to get on a train. More details here

Bus Service – Unreliable

The C10 and 381 routes are subject to delays over long routes and this results in an erratic service.  We see 3 buses bumper to bumper interspersed with huge gaps leading to overcrowded buses and passengers unable to board.  Published departure times at the C10 B1 stop in Canada Water station are often completely inaccurate (by up to 10 minutes) even though the bus may be already waiting in the station. More details here

Santander Cycle Hire (Boris Bikes) – Where are they?

Despite a widespread poster campaign by Southwark Council throughout the area,  exhorting us to use the scheme,  there are no cycle hire stations anywhere in Rotherhithe.  What is Southwark Council thinking of?  We need some joined-up thinking!  For more information on this campaign see here

Rotherhithe Cycle and Pedestrian Bridge – Urgently needed

This has been approved by the Mayor and will open up opportunities to use the DLR, Crossrail, Jubilee Line and cycle routes. However progress is slow and it is needed urgently.  More details here

Thames Clipper – Second class service.  Why?

The only pier on the Rotherhithe Peninsula is at Greenland dock.  The service from there is inferior to the rest of the route,  with no Eastbound service at all until 11:00,  and alternate services failing to stop for no obvious reason.  Given that we have 4km of riverfront there is also a good case for a second pier in the region of Rotherhithe Village.  For more information on this campaign see here